Branded Video

How to Prep: The Sound Perspective from Sean McNearney

–We’re excited to have our friend, Sean McNearney, contribute his thoughts to the blog. Sean is a production sound mixer based in Idaho. He’s done everything from commercials, feature films, and TV shows, to post production and Foley.

Today, I want to focus on prepping for a shoot from an audio standpoint. From the initial call to work, right up until we roll. Gotta walk before you run.

Vimeo vs YouTube vs Wistia – What is Right for Your Business?

Okay, you’ve got a video about your business or organization, but what do you do with it now? Essentially, you need to find a video host and server that can handle the file sizes, the access, a larger potential audience and the ability/bandwidth to accommodate multiple viewers. Just putting it on your business website will limit all of those things. You aren’t really in the business of being a video distributor. That’s where a video hosting service comes in.

Grow Your Brand: Part 1

Video is everywhere. It’s on your Facebook page. It’s on your website. It’s on Twitter and Instagram. It’s on one site after another. So, you know you want to use video as a tool to tell people who you are and what you’re about, whether you are a small business, a lone artist or a group with a cause or event.