TV quality live streams for any event

Professional live streams that don't require you to be the professional. We'll take care of that.

Guests from Anywhere

The technology we use enables guests to brought in from anywhere. They can call in on their phones, computers or tablets, no matter what operating system.

We're Platform Agnostic

At this point, we've used every platform out there. So it doesn't matter whether you use YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom, we can stream to it.

We make it easy

Even if you've never run a live stream before. We've got your back. Whether it's a small internal meeting or a large scale event, we can help you wow your audience.


Do you work with non-profits?

We love working with non-profits. Giving back to our community is part of our core principles.

Can you connect to Zoom?

You bet we can! Our system can connect to Zoom, Teams, Google Meets, whatever you may have we have an ability to live stream to it!

Do you have custom solutions available?

We can create a one time live stream solution custom to you

Engage your audience no matter where they are

"Argos Productions is an amazing small business with incredible talent and professionalism. Highly recommended." – Ellen Smith

Founder's Note

Everyone and their grandmothers are streaming to connect across vast distances.Platforms like Zoom, Twitch, and YouTube make it easier and easier, but that makes the worlds noisier with every stream. Most events don't take full advantage of their remote audiences because they're so worried about the technology. That's where Argos comes in – to alleviate your worry about the stream. We've produced hundreds of streams over the years for a variety of events just like yours. We'd love to help your event stand out.


Creative Director



Managing Director