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Grow Your Brand: Part 1

Video is everywhere. It’s on your Facebook page. It’s on your website. It’s on Twitter and Instagram. It’s on one site after another. So, you know you want to use video as a tool to tell people who you are and what you’re about, whether you are a small business, a lone artist or a group with a cause or event.

Why Argos: the Story So Far

In Greek mythology lived a giant with a hundred eyes. It was pretty hard to get anything past him, because he always kept a few eyes open, even when he slept. His name was Argos (or Argus) Panoptes, which means “all-seeing.” While pictures of this big fellow covered with eyes may be a bit unsettling, there is nothing unsettling about his namesake here in Boise — Argos Productions.

MoveWell University Event Promo
Event Promo/Recap for Seminar 2019 MoveWell University is a process and business program for chiropractors run out of a local clinic in Meridian, ID. We partnered with them to capture the two day seminar and produce a promotional video to attract future attendees. Alongside the promo/event recap, we produced a series of testimonials to get …

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Music Video for Wonder Truly
Wonder Truly – Starting Line Back in 2015, before Argos Productions was a thought in our heads, Jeston befriended an inspiring musician on the cruise ship that he was working on. Wonder (yes, that’s her name) was creating beautiful music to entertain the guests aboard the Carnival Miracle. One evening, Wonder demoed a couple songs …

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Don’t Fake It — Why Your Resume Needs to Be Accurate

They say a great majority of job seekers lie on their resumes. Maybe you’ll get the job anyway, but when the truth comes out … bye-bye. Your credibility and reputation are shot. Instantly. In some jobs, it might even be a crime to lie about your experience and background.

Roadtrip – Our Take on Travel via Airports

When you’re having a bad day, and someone tells you to think of something that makes you happy, there probably isn’t a person in the world that envisions any sort of airport. You might picture arriving at your Hawaiian destination, or dropping off your mother-in-law at the check-in line, but airports themselves? No.

Grow Your Brand: Part 2 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Branding

Several weeks ago, we started to take a look at branding. Branding is the Big Thing right now. It’s more than a Buzzword. It’s the narrative — the story — behind your Mission Statement. Well, not behind the Mission Statement, but the out front this-is-who-we-are-and-this-is-what-we-do-hello-how-are-you greeting? When you do it right, it’s better than speed dating.

How to Create the Perfect Testimonial

We’re all trying to make the world a better place, aren’t we? We’ve created a useful product, fulfilled a needed service or found a beneficial niche. We made a better sandwich, sang an inspirational song or figured out how to do that one little logistical thing you hate to do yourself.