Event Video for Genesis Community Health

Video for Annual Fundraiser

For the 2021 Annual Fundraiser Event, Genesis Community Health wanted to put their best foot forward when it came to their event running smoothly. We worked with them to produce videos in our studio for the upcoming fundraiser. We set up our studio to accommodate the presenters using a podium and seeing their notes for the slides they had prepared. In vMix, we created a side by side graphical setup to give the audience an opportunity to see both the presenter and slides being spoken about. All of this created a greater viewing experience for their donors and a smooth experience for their staff and executives.

To learn more and donate to Genesis Community Health, visit their website here: https://genesiscommunityhealth.com/

Services Provided

  • Production Manager
  • Switch Operator
  • Graphics Operator
  • Video Post Production

Equipment Provided

  • Studio Rental
  • Custom Computer with vMix
  • Canon C300
  • LitePanel Astras
  • Audio Kit

Value $2425

How to Prep: The Sound Perspective from Sean McNearney 

Idea to Screen: Developing Your Video Idea 

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