Argos On Location: Upcoming Projects

Looking at some upcoming projects

This week we’re going to take a peek at a few projects we’re working on here at Argos Productions. This is another way we can share more about who we are, what we do, and the journey we’re on with the community.

Post iT: Episode 2

This is the second episode in a series that takes a look at the effect of social media on our lives. We are well aware of the disruption social media can cause in our personal relationships, as well as the comedy that can come through those interactions. We all amuse ourselves with those hilarious examples at BuzzFeed, but there is a serious side as well, worthy of further examination.

“It’s a new series of stories for us to tell through the amalgam characters that Erica has created from her life,” Jeston said. “This will be an important step in our creative expression. It inhabits our core values of collaboration, community, communication and quality. This is an exploration of applying those values.”

“Whether it be acting, directing, gaffing, cinematography or writing, every player has an opportunity in this project to share his or her knowledge,” Erica said. She is the producer, writer and director on this project, and her goal is to build a strong team of collaborators for this series. “I love working with professionals that are able to work together and teach each other how to be the best they can be on set.”

On the front end of this project, Jeston has been a producer and an advisor on the writing portion, while on the production side he has been involved in nearly every aspect, including catering! He says this is the true definition of “a skeleton crew” with minimal lighting, sound, camera and a small acting company.

Erica says this kind of smaller, thin-resource production is a great chance to discover how the crew’s talents can best be utilized which will be useful to set the stage for future, well-oiled, feature-length productions. Erica has worked every production role over the past 20 years, and though she enjoys them all, being art director is her favorite — and strongest — role and one she thoroughly enjoys. A lot of this project is being shot in her personal art studio, which is fun.

But in the end, Jeston says the goal is to create more experiences for those within Argos — and more broadly in the community — to create new and original stories that dive inside the unique experiences of our lives. “I think these kinds of projects can help all of us sharpen our skills through practicing those skills in a relaxed environment.”

VIM Mate

Design VIM is a Boise interior design consulting firm founded by Hailie Thomas and Katy Hoxsey back in 2013, during a time in which they were winning awards in the BCA’s Parade of Homes. Their portfolio includes numerous residential and commercial projects. (Their vim and vigor are demonstrated in their love of marathon running and other extracurricular interests.)

VIM Mate will be a series of promotional videos that focuses on products for the home, while also telling the story of Design VIM’s collaboration with Idaho Correctional Industries in the manufacturing process. It’s a very intriguing and personal story.

This project has a variety of elements, including interviews and location product shoots, and it’s been a great opportunity for Argos Productions to build more experience in government contracts, writing proposals, larger crews, securing locations and other aspects. 

Jeston has taken an advisory role in this project, as well as some camerawork, while Erica has already produced and directed the first half of the series. It has been a goal of Erica’s to be able to combine the best of what local businesses and government has to offer our community.

“This is a big project for us,” Jeston said. “It’s the start of a new relationship, a foray into working with the government, and a step towards working on larger promotional campaigns.”


This is a big and far-reaching documentary that stretches from Boise to Spain and back again. It’s the unique and fascinating story of a Boise flamenco troupe and its origins in Spain. It’s a tale that brings people together while also showing how far the roots of our community go.

“I have already produced the bulk of the documentary,” Erica said, “And the key now is to get the funding for the final production shoot, including crew and travel, plus digitizing the archive footage and working on the post-production editing.”

“Being a documentary, the variety of setups and situations is somewhat unpredictable,” Jeston said. “So far there has been onsite shooting in Spain, events in Boise, classrooms captured, and I’m sure there will be some in-studio work.”

Along with that, Erica has been doing grant writing and more grant writing. But with her love for art direction and flamenco dancing, this is a project close to her heart.

“Flamenco is the dance of the soul, and my soul loves to dance,” she said. “Telling this story to the world will allow me the opportunity to share my love of this art and its people with everyone who finds it as interesting as I do.”

Cue the music, and grab your castañuelas…

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