Argos On Location: Recent Projects

Looking at some recent projects

This week we’re going to hit the rewind button and shine a quick spotlight on a few recent projects we’re proud of here at Argos Productions. Think of it as a glimpse of some of our backstory, as we share more about who we are and what we do.

My Idaho Friends: Episode 1

The first episode of this series featured the Spacebar Arcade in Downtown Boise.

“This was our first big foray into personal storytelling,” Jeston said. “Especially when it comes to an outside person developing the idea. As director, I was stretching muscles on set that I hadn’t really used since we did ‘Fromage.’ It was also very different because I wasn’t dealing with trained actors, so there was a certain amount of coaching involved to get the best conversation out of Jaime and Will.”

“We applied that team mentality,” Erica said. “Jeston insisted I take on Director of Photography and showed me how much he trusted me to deliver the vision he and the client were looking for. When we work together, we really shine, and this is why Argos is special.”

It took a crew of seven with a lighting and multi-camera setup. There was a strong pre-production game plan and an assistant director was hired to keep the production running. 

“As director, I was lucky. I’d been to Spacebar a LOT,” Jeston said. “Definitely one of my favorite downtown haunts. It made the vision for the episode that much clearer and helped with the execution. It was incredible to launch a new show with a local vibe.”

“We shared a little slice of what makes Boise a great place to live and helped our client start his dream to do just this,” Erica said. (Plus, pinball is one of her favorite things, which certainly didn’t hurt!)

Rhodes to Bogus: Episode 1

Skateboards and snowboards — this is the first part of a tribute documentary about the people whose contributions to the Boise board scene have given our athletes safe and progressive parks. The attitude and determination of this community is inspiring. Today, we have world-class facilities because some cool kids in the ‘80s and ‘90s grew up and were resolute to build parks to encourage the next generation. 

“This is a story that hasn’t been told for the local community,” Jeston said. “It gives a new perspective of the growth of the community. It’s been a wide-ranging project from shooting in the mountains to shooting in the studio. It gave us the opportunity to work in a variety of environments with a combination of large setups, as well as small run-and-gun.”

Jeston was associate producer for this production, helping with the interviews and doing the audio post-production. Erica coordinated the production and the talent, as well as being the producer, director and sometimes videographer. She also gathered archive footage and built social media pages. As director, part of her role was to keep the production natural “and let the true conversation flow.”

“Rhodes to Bogus is my dream,” Erica said. “I have wanted to tell this story and give Lori Wright and her team at the Boise Skateboard Association a tool to help continue the important work they are doing. Lori and the other skaters believed in me and encouraged me to keep trying when I didn’t think I could. They gave me an opportunity to give back to the sports I believe helped make me a stronger person.”

What stood out to Erica in this production were the number of people who wanted to be a part of it. “So many people have volunteered because they know how incredible this story is.”

Human Library at Storyfort

The Human Library is a program in conjunction with the Meridian Library District that turns people into books as they tell their own stories on camera.

“The Human Library is one of our oldest ongoing projects,” Jeston said. “We’ve been lucky to see it grow and to grow with it.”

Erica was the main force of this video, working the pre-production meetings, interviews, audio, and putting together the B-roll. 

“It was our first client, and they continue to involve us every year,” Erica said. “I believe in this project. The passion they feel for what they are doing makes me want to produce the best promotion we can deliver. The message and opportunity for the community to ask humans questions about their lives is an amazing avenue for mental growth.”

Argos On Location: Recent Projects 

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