Music Video for Wonder Truly

Wonder Truly – Starting Line

Back in 2015, before Argos Productions was a thought in our heads, Jeston befriended an inspiring musician on the cruise ship that he was working on. Wonder (yes, that’s her name) was creating beautiful music to entertain the guests aboard the Carnival Miracle. One evening, Wonder demoed a couple songs she was creating and “Starting Line” stuck out to Jeston. Wonder and Jeston collaborated on several projects, including the original release of “Starting Line” and Wonder’s full length album “Burn the Answers

Once Argos was started, it was only a matter of time until the two collaborated on a music video. In 2019, Jeston flew down to Arizona and they worked on the video for a remix of “Starting Line” to come up with this story about love and plants.

You can find Wonder’s music here on Bandcamp –

Services Provided:

  • Pre-Production
  • Director/Camera Operator
  • Post Production
  • Professional Camera Rig

Value: $3,189

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