Month: July 2019

Grow Your Brand: Part 1

Video is everywhere. It’s on your Facebook page. It’s on your website. It’s on Twitter and Instagram. It’s on one site after another. So, you know you want to use video as a tool to tell people who you are and what you’re about, whether you are a small business, a lone artist or a group with a cause or event.

Why Argos: the Story So Far

In Greek mythology lived a giant with a hundred eyes. It was pretty hard to get anything past him, because he always kept a few eyes open, even when he slept. His name was Argos (or Argus) Panoptes, which means “all-seeing.” While pictures of this big fellow covered with eyes may be a bit unsettling, there is nothing unsettling about his namesake here in Boise — Argos Productions.