Argos Productions is a full service production company: We take your dreams and build them into realities.


We have over 10 years of experience in the creative video industry, including commercial production, social media promotions and public service announcements.


We currently offer a wide array of production services including equipment rentals, location scouting, audio mixing & production, video & photography production & editing, continuity supervision, grip & electrical, copywriting & social media direction, and more.

REEL 2017


We have a team of hard working artists and visionaries who want to work with you to raise the bar for your media projects across all fields. From photographing real estate, to food photography, or sound design for a documentary, our team is here to bring out the best in your projects.


Erica Deshner Cornwall

Creative Director & COO


Jeston Cole Lewis

Managing Director & CEO



The best way to build big is to have a strong foundation. We can help you plot out your course before your projects set sail: storyboarding, location scouting, scheduling, equipment rental, and more!

Audio Production

Sound and music breathe life into the visual world. We can help with all your audio needs: scoring, recording, foley, editing, mixing, mastering; you name it, we've got it.

Onsite Producing

Production and direction for all your on location needs. We have a team of photographers and videographers to help use your time efficiently and to get the shots you need.

Live Events

Take your live events to the next level. Why not live stream them to share them with your whole following? Capture your favorite moments on film or photographs. Add microphones or lights to highlight the most important parts of your event.

Video Post-Production

Filming is only one part of the process. Add depth, clarity, and intrigue to your videos with color correction, light balance, editing, and visual effects.

Web Campaigns

Once your project is finished, are you ready to share it with the world? Social media and the web are a great way to get your message out there and interact with your audience.

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